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Poetry for the Lonely

I was  in the process of compiling my original works of literature when I ran across this and though to share it with you all. Below is a poem that still resonates the emotions and confusion I was feeling at the time I wrote it.  It is my firm belief that every aspect of life should be explored and appreciated. Human emotion is absolutely incredible.


Why must I feel so alone,
Just minutes after you have gone?
Perhaps it is due to all that I have given you.

And yet I can’t keep from feeling
As though I am all dependent
Upon the laughter in your company.

What am I to think of this?
Wanting your every kiss;
Knowing that in time again,
Your absence will welcome silence in.

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I have a problem.

I think it’s called Adult ADD. Or perhaps it’s just that I never learned how to make a decision. In any case, focus (discipline?) is not my forte. Organization in my house takes on the form of small piles of mail, random knickknacks neatly though sporadically arranged, and a blank calendar (though appointments abound) hanging from a small star-shaped push-pin. Random projects lay about, half-way completed or never started.  Sometimes I think that the only thing that I can ever finish is a book, but it better be a good one because the novel sitting on the coffee table over there has been calling my name…

All this to ask; how does one find focus in life? Time whooshes by ruthlessly, and that project I was going to get to tomorrow becomes the fiftyish thing down on next year’s to-do list. What is it that I want to do with my life anyway?

The thing I’ve been calling a schedule, a kind of hap-hazard timeline of events I have up and coming, is obviously not going to be sufficient anymore. I want to feel structure and pride in utilizing the hours I have in a day. How to start?


I will get up earlier. I’m talking by at least 6am EVERY morning. My work schedule fluctuates throughout the week so on those days where I have to be at work by 7:55am will become the days that I take a break from my morning run. This will also mandate that I get to bed earlier as I will need to keep getting 7 hours of sleep a night. If I feel run down I will have to go to bed earlier. 6 AM is my wake up time!

** “Wake up time”= actually getting out of bed and not going back to sleep on the couch**


A morning run will be instituted! This will exclude Monday and Friday morning as those are my early to work mornings. Every other morning I will get up and go for at least a 30 min. run. I will work out a good route on If you have never used this site it is a fantastic resource to plan out routes for running, walking, or biking! You can also find routes that others have set up in your area! Check it out!


Sunday morning will be for church. I don’t remember the last time I attended a service and that is depressing. Literally. Having a church family has always been very up-lifting and encouraging, however since the beginning of college (nearly 5 years ago now, I can’t believe it) I have been neglecting my spiritual life. I’ve been waiting around for someone to force me to go back, or ask me to go with them. Enough is enough. I’m inspiring myself! This is my life and I’m going to take control of it!


I will get down to my goal weight. This portion of the plan will take much longer to achieve, but It will come with determination, effort, and that ever elusive FOCUS! I would like to get back to a disciplined diet of all things good for me. This will include the wonderful and almost miraculous products from Herbalife which are completely natural and fantastic for your health!  Take a look and if you are interested drop me a line via the contact page. I will have more on this later.


Since I will be getting everything else in order…

I will develop a budget using the Excel spreadsheets and simple program one of my friends put together. Excuses as to why I have not done this yet run rampant. I guess I haven’t wanted to accept the fact that discipline will make my life less stressful. You live and you learn ; )

It is my hope that these changes in my life will help me to flex my focus and discipline muscle until its nice and strong (my real muscles could use some flexing too.)

Hopefully some of you will find this to be motivating in your own way. I’ll make sure to update and let you all know how it goes.

Thanks for reading!

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The Hill

Write a very short story that ends with the sentence,“As he approached the top of the mountain, he raised his hands in victory.”

Impossible. “The tallest one ever made,” they called it.A truly amazing structure for such small creatures, and I was going to conquer it.

It took me a good week to convince myself that I could do it, but like an itch you can’t scratch the urge slowly developed into full-fledged determination.  Thus, I find myself carefully maneuvering one limb after another upward.  As I hiked, the stories I had always heard about the number of men it took to construct this monstrosity emerged in my mind. Hundreds had culminated as ambition and the need for progress spurred them on.  A true testament to our species’ initiative.

Periodically, I shuffled side to side; avoiding larger objects in my way. At one point, breathing rather heavily I might add, I stopped for a break. From this height I could already see the small patch of land I had the privilege to call my own. I moaned inwardly asking myself “What is the point of this? What am I trying to prove?” 

No. NO! I would not let myself get in the way this time. I would finish what I started. I would make it to the top!

Stretching, I took a quick glance at my surroundings. “Look at that,” I realized. “I must be already half way there!” Taking a deep breath and renewed with a fierceness I had never known before, I traversed forward.

Now earth became a blur. A sort of bodily synergy converged within me. The exertion to press forward became effortless. I could see it now, the roundness of the top. I was going to do it! I was doing it! I summoned everything that I had, the last of my reserves. The ground creeped, turning downward toward itself and my legs shook. As I approached the top of the mountain, I raised my hands in victory; an ant who had conquered the hill.

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Here’s Hoping

“To love is to risk not being loved in return. To hope is to risk pain. To try is to risk failure, but risk must be taken because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing.”

I have dubbed this blog “The Nifty Nook” as I plan for it to be a place for me to be able to explore, entertain, and create! Having always wanted to be able to call myself “creative,” I am questing to stretch the boundaries of mind and body in all areas. That includes seeing things from different points of view and using “trash” to make stuff!

First things first:

1. Subscribe to this bloggy! (Everything is cuter with a “y” or “ie” )

2. Follow me on Pinterest! @pinktoesockie

3. Comment comment comment! I love hearing feedback. (What was that saying? Two heads are better than one!)

I plan on doing different kind of segments as I go along here. One of the first will be a section of creative writing prompted by my friend Shonda who is an English teacher at the local high school. Hopefully, I will be able to start a photography section and maybe even a healthy living one as well. We shall see!

Off to do something crafty! ~Ciao!

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